At the core of our design process is a client-focussed approach. Our process is centered around the lifestyle of each of those that interact with the space.
Need Assessment
It begins with a site visit and detailed discussions with the client for understanding the expectations and their interactions with the designed space. These discussions are a critical input to the design process as they determine how the spaces are experienced. The need assessment provides great insights that lend to enhancement opportunities at the design stage.
Concept Creation
On completion of our understanding of the client’s needs, we get to work at creating concepts. During the concept creation phase – we generate preliminary concepts along with mood boards to illustrate a look and feel. A shortlist of these concepts is then progressed to the creation of 2D or 3D images that help our clients visualise the space and the final outcome.
The design phase consists of an in-depth understanding of the elements that interact with the space. The design phase takes into consideration movement flows, cross ventilation to enhance circulation and light studies that have a bearing on the mood that each space will ultimately create.
Project Planning
Working with other professionals such as Planning Consultants, Structural Engineers and Landscape professionals, at the Project planning stage we ensure that the build is completed as per specifications and meets all planning regulations.
Design Implementation
Beginning with an approval of schematic drawings, it is at this stage that the graphics now begin to take actual form. Finishes and materials are chosen to achieve a cohesive design statement.
Real Estate Advisory Services
As a Buying Agent we focus on the needs of our client to help identify appropriate locations and properties by working with a network of real estate agents. Once the real estate has been identified we work with our associates who are lawyers, surveyors and mortgage consultants to ensure a quick closure.

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